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PanzerShell Air Cooling Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max red
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PanzerShell Air Cooling Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max red

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PanzerShell Air Cooling case for iPhone 12 Pro Max red

PanzerShell’s Air Cooling case is distinguished by its perforated layer, which ensures proper airflow. If your phone sometimes heats up a lot, it will better dissipate heat thanks to special holes in the case. This, in turn, will minimize the risk of it overheating. The case provides a perfect fit for your phone, so that dust particles and dirt have limited access to the inside.

Soft padding

The Air Cooling case is made of a sturdy, hard material that guarantees optimal protection against drops and impacts. Inside there is a pleasant to the touch, soft lining – its task is to protect the back of the smartphone from scratches. Even after a long time of using a smartphone equipped with an Air Cooling case, it has a chance to look like new.

Raised frame around the camera

The accessory minimizes the possibility of the phone slipping from your hand, ensuring a firm grip. It doesn’t restrict access to ports or the proper operation of the side buttons, so a smartphone in a PanzerShell-branded case gains adequate protection without losing any functionality. A raised bez el at the camera cutout further ensures its proper protection.


  • punched layer to ensure proper airflow,
  • minimizes the risk of the phone overheating due to better heat dissipation,
  • perfect fit,
  • sturdy, hard material protects the phone from the effects of falls and impacts,
  • soft padding protects the back of the phone from scratches,
  • raised bezel around the camera provides it with additional protection.


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