Kingxbar Aurora Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max blue-green

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Phone case Kingxbar Aurora Series
Effective mobile phone protection against damage is highly important, especially that smartphones accompany us on a daily basis. You only need a moment’s inattention to see your device on the ground, broken or scratched. If you wish to provide your equipment with effective protection, you don’t need to resign from its stylish look. Aurora Kingxbar case can fully secure you and looks very stylish. A shimmering surface rivets the attention and makes the use of the smartphone purely pleasurable. What is more, the phone inside the case does not lose its functionality. You can charge it with a wired and inductive charger as well as add dedicated accessories.

Brand: Kingxbar
Type: iPhone case
Compatible devices: iPhone
Material: PC
Thicker edges around lenses: 1,5 mm
Thicker side edges: 1 mm

Content of the set:

1 x iPhone case

Major features:

Solid material of manufacture
Resistance to damage
Thicker edges secure against scratching
Easy to install
Compatible with MagSafe chargers
Possible to charge wirelessly in the case
Thin and light

Effective protection against damage
Smartphones are exposed to numerous kinds of damage arising during everyday use. They may fall down, be accidentally crushed or scratched. Kingxbar case will provide effective protection to your device. It is made of a durable and flexible PC fabric which absorbs shocks and force of fall or pressure. Thanks to this, your iPhone will be well-secured and you can use it exactly the way you like, with no risk of defects and expensive repairs.
Reinforced edges
Damage due to fall is not the only defect of smartphones. They frequently get scratched too. Fragile pieces, such as camera lenses, are highly exposed to the above-stated damage. Kingxbar case is equipped with thicker edges around lenses and on phone rims. Thanks to this, it can secure these sensitive areas against sharp edges.
Stylish look
Effective protection does not necessarily mean boredom. This case is very stylish, while shimmering colors rivet the attention. Thanks to this, the use of your smartphone will be highly pleasurable and the case itself will serve as an interesting accessory.


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