Joyroom Wireless Speaker Bluetooth 5.0 5W black (JR-M09)

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Joyroom Wireless Speaker Bluetooth 5.0 5W (JR-M09)
Do you love listening to good music when traveling or relaxing on your plot? If so, the Bluetooth loudspeaker is made for you. Thanks to this product, you can always listen to your favorite songs and, if necessary, have phone calls, no matter where you are. As the product is available in an interesting design and compact size, you can hide it in your bag or backpack.

Brand: Joyroom

Type: Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Bluetooth protocols: A2DP / AVRCP / HSP

Bluetooth frequency: 2.4GHz

Voltage: DC 3.7V

Battery: 3.7V / 1200 mah

Speaker specification: 52mm / 4Ω / 5W

Power output: 5W

Charging voltage: DV-5V / 300mA

Charging time: 2 +/- 0.5h

Standby time: 120h

Working time at medium volume: 10h

Bluetooth range: 8-10m

Best quality while talking through speaker: 1-1,5m

Dimensions: 98 x 75 x 75 mm

Weight: 255 g

Content of the set:

1x Bluetooth speaker

Major features:

Internal magnetic speaker

Energy-saving built-in storage battery

Ring microphone integrated in the speaker

Several playing modes

microSD card reader

Sound emitted in 360°
Joyroom device presented will let you enjoy music, irrespective of settings. The key to success is the speaker located in the lower part and the very structure of product. Thanks to this, sounds are emitted in the range of 360°. If one speaker is not enough, you can always opt for a stereo variant. You can pair two speakers and create one sound system.
Enjoy music for a long time
You don’t have to worry that a battery of your speaker will go flat in the least expected moment. With standard settings, it will operate for up to 10 hours so that you can listen to your favorite music on any trip. If necessary, you can feel free to charge your equipment or connect a power bank to prolong its operation.
Convenient control of the speaker
Joyroom speaker can be controlled via a mobile phone and Bluetooth connection. Additionally, in the upper part of the product are keys for manual control. There is also a button responsible for switching the product on and off, and changing tracks. The side of the device holds a microSD card reader.


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