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Joyroom New Beauty Series Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max black (JR-BP744)
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Joyroom New Beauty Series Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max black (JR-BP744)

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Joyroom New Beauty Series ultra thin case with electroplated frame for iPhone 12 Pro Max (JR-BP744)
This transparent gel case will not only protect your phone against damage but also provide it with stylish look. Its edges have been covered in metallic paint for improved design of your device. The case is very thin, light and simultaneously serves as effective protection in case of fall or scratching. It provides a perfect protection to crucial spots in the device, such as earphones port or camera lens.

Brand: Joyroom
Type: Phone case
Material: TPU gel and metallic paint
Edge thickness: 0,3 mm

Content of the set:

1 x phone case

Major features

High resistance to impacts
High flexibility for easy installation
Original color retained, no yellowing effect
Protection against phone components rusting
Camera lens protection
Perfect phone fit

High durability for effective phone protection
Repairing a damaged phone entails a considerable expense. Thanks to Joyroom case, you can secure your device against damage in case of fall or other undesired events. TPU gel assures an air bag effect to absorb shocks. The case adheres to the edges of the phone perfectly and in effect provides a very good protection.
Protection of crucial spots
It is camera lenses and earphone plugs that are highly exposed to scratching and dirt. Joyroom case has been designed to secure these points. You do not need to worry about quality of your photos when you decide to install the case. Its thickness in lens spots is only 0,3 mm, so using a camera is fully functional and pictures look amazing.
Original color retained
Many cases lose their color under the influence of light, and surface gets yellow and does not look attractive. Choosing the case by Joyroom for iPhone, you can be sure of its ideal look for a long time. The materials used are secured against yellowing and provide full transparency. For better visual effects, edges of the case have been covered in metallic paint.


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