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Joyroom New Beautiful Series Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max blue (JR-BP796)
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Joyroom New Beautiful Series Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max blue (JR-BP796)

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Joyroom New Beautiful Series ultra thin case with electroplated frame for iPhone 12 Pro Max (JR-BP796)
This flexible case is made of soft TPU gel to make sure your phone is effectively secured against damage in case of impact or fall. Reinforced corners provide safety to the spots which are most susceptible to defects. The case perfectly fits the device and does not hinder use of side buttons and earphone ports. It is a great choice if you value perfect look. Edges covered in galvanized layer look extremely attractive.

Brand: Joyroom
Type: Phone case
Compatible devices: iPhone series 12
Material: TPU gel

Content of the set:

1 x protective case for phone

Major features:

Perfect phone fit
Original color retained
Galvanized edges
Easy assembly and disassembly
User-friendly keys
Extra reinforcement for corners
Perfect transparency
No yellowing effect

Full protection of the device
Do you want to make your iPhone resistant to impact or fall? This case will protect it against damage thanks to the use of modern materials. A soft TPU gel will absorb shocks, while reinforced corners will secure spots which are highly exposed to defects. Camera lenses are provided with additional protection in the form of a protruding case edge which separates them from surface.
Comfortable use
The flexible gel makes installing and removing the case very easy and effortless. When applied, the product perfectly adheres to the mobile phone to provide top protection not only against impact but also scratching. You can feel free to use side keys and charging ports – the case is fully adapted to them. TPU fabric is pleasant to touch and assures stable phone grip.
Modern design
You can retain a perfect look of the phone and forget about yellowing. The case does not change colors under the influence of external factors, such as sunlight or moisture. Galvanized edges guarantee stylish design.


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