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Grizz matte film Vivo Y02s
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Grizz matte film Vivo Y02s

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GrizzGlass PaperScreen matte film

Key features:

  • NEW! hermetically packed, thanks to OxyFree Technology
  • perfectly matched
  • flexible, does not crack or crumble
  • easy to install
  • perfectly reinforces against scratches and bumps
  • reduces light reflection and fingerprints
  • does not affect the functionality of the touch
  • packed in original packaging

Set includes:

1x Grizz Glass PaperScreen

1x wet wipe

1x dry cloth

1x original packaging

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The material of which the film is made reduces the reflection of light and improves visibility even on the sunniest days. The comfort of use remains unchanged – at the highest level.

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The product has been hermetically packaged using OxyFree Technology. The adhesive layer is not exposed to external factors such as dust and dirt during transport and storage

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Repairing a display can be costly and time-consuming. Grizz Glass PaperScreen strengthens the screen on impact and protects it from scratches.

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Thanks to its flexibility, Grizz Glass PaperScreen won’t crack or shatter, while it adheres perfectly to the device’s screen. The matte finish reduces fingerprints.


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