Dux Ducis Touchpad Keyboard Case Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 black

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Dux Ducis Touchpad Keyboard Case Tablet Case Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard The Dux Ducis Touchpad Keyboard Case is a unique tablet case that is also a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad. Thanks to this gadget, you can work on the tablet as if it was a real laptop. Made of perfect polycarbonate, which ensures high durability and a perfect match to the equipment. It is ergonomic and provides full comfort of work. This unique case turns your tablet into a full-fledged laptop. Precision trackpad The case is equipped with a touchpad, just like in a laptop. Thanks to this, even if you do not have a mouse, you can use the cursor function on the tablet screen. Convenient buttons The keyboard's keys are low-profile and designed so that you can hardly hear them as you type. It impresses with its appearance This case, which is also a keyboard, has been designed to make working with the tablet as easy as possible. The non-slip layer guarantees stability even on smooth and slippery surfaces. The solid construction and strong materials will allow you to safely use your device at home, outdoors and on the go. Security and functionality The case protects the equipment against damage and scratches. This reduces the risk of the tablet breaking if it is dropped. With the help of additional function buttons, you are able, for example, to adjust the volume of sounds or completely mute the device. The built-in diode informs the user about the battery charge status. Green means a charged battery, orange means low, and red means charging. Stand function The back wall of the cover is designed to act as a support for the tablet when folded. Prepared for Apple Pencil


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